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This is what the Yankee Nation thinks about Dixie and our people

January 26, 2013

Imagine if the artist had drawn a thick-lipped black man with a Malcolm X hat on his head with the same captions? When the Yankee Media draws another Yankee created stereotypical southerner, they continue to show those of us from Dixie how much they loath us and our culture. They portray us as toothless, fat, dumb and inbred because many of us refuse to buy into their statist and evil ways. Look carefully at this picture you sons and daughters of Dixie. This is what the United States government, the media, the entertainment industry, public schools and most Yankees think of you. Why would you want to stay in an empire which has waged war on our people both literal and ideological for over 150 years? The Yankee nation has carried out war, rape, genocide, torture, indoctrination of our children and destruction of our culture. Say Yes to a free Dixie!

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